Place this funny Punch Me Toy anywhere! Kids absolutely love them and secretly so do bigger kids! This Punch Me Toy is the ultimate stress-relief and a must have for your desk.

This toy is hilarious, and durable. And yes! Tik Tok will make you buy it! This trending anti-stress and anxiety relief tool is the best. Equipped with his little bandages, black eye, and missing front tooth, his looks alone will give you a good giggle.

When turned on, this little guy screams to any movement whether it’s a punch, hit, or slap! It even has suction cups on the bottom so it won’t move when hit! These Punch Me Toys are extremely fun, you’ll be laughing so hard you forgot why you were punching it in the first place – it’s a great fit for all ages! You can vent all of your frustrations on this little guy!


this punch me toy is the funniest stress relief ever!


The Punch Me Toy is an incredibly cool looking plushie that is safe! It has a funny face that would definitely entice anyone of all ages.


The Punch Me Toy is a lot of fun and plays the part! It screams and makes funny sounds when its head is moved back from a hit. It can definitely bring in a lot of fun and laughter anywhere!


The Punch Me Toy is equipped with 4 suction cups at the bottom, meaning it has a super firm grip and won't move! Punch it as hard as you want, this durable toy is built to last.


The Punch Me Toy is made from soft plush, non-toxic material which is safe for all.