Wriggly Worm Toy


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Add a splash of colour and fun to your toy collection with our Wriggly Worm Toy, now available in an array of rainbow colours! This delightful toy features a vibrant, multi-coloured design that captures the essence of playfulness and joy. Each Wriggly Worm is a surprise random pick, making each purchase a fun mystery!

Crafted from flexible, durable materials, these Wriggly Worms are designed to twist, bend, and wriggle in your hands, providing endless amusement and sensory stimulation. They’re perfect for kids seeking a fun, tactile experience, as well as adults who need a playful stress reliever.

Whether used for play, as a party favour, or simply to brighten up your desk, the Wriggly Worm Toy is sure to bring smiles and a bit of whimsy to your day.


  • Wriggly Worm Toy in Rainbow Colours
  • Each toy is a random pick for a fun surprise
  • Made from flexible, durable materials
  • Ideal for sensory play and stress relief
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Fast shipping from our Brisbane Warehouse

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Wriggly Worm Toy

Availability: In stock