Squishy Toys UFO



Squishy Toys UFO

Embark on an interstellar adventure with our Squishy Toys UFO! This unique squishy toy is shaped like a classic unidentified flying object, complete with a whimsical design that’s sure to spark the imagination of anyone who holds it.

Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, this UFO is soft to the touch and perfect for squeezing, making it an excellent stress reliever and sensory toy. Its vibrant colours and eye-catching details make it a fun addition to any toy collection or a playful decoration for a space-themed room.

Whether used for playtime, stress relief, or simply as a charming desk companion, the Squishy Toys UFO promises to be a delightful presence. It’s ideal for both children and adults who are fascinated by the mysteries of outer space.


  • Squishy Toys UFO
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • Soft, squeezable, and perfect for stress relief or sensory play
  • Bright, attractive colours and detailed design
  • Ideal for space enthusiasts of all ages
  • Fast shipping from our Brisbane Warehouse

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Squishy Toys UFO