SpongeBob Van Gogh Art by Numbers


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SpongeBob Van Gogh Art by Numbers


Art by Numbers or Painting by Numbers is an activity suitable for everyone of all ages. We have customers as young as 5 years old to customers as healthy as 80+ who are enjoying painting by numbers.

Paint by numbers engages your mind and body to work in harmony and guides the creation of an artistic masterpiece. Painting by numbers combines the properties of number and colour recognition in a way that stimulates the mind and encourages creativity and motor skills while motivating individuals to complete the work of art. When the beautiful masterpiece emerges itself, a sense of purpose and well-being that stimulate the human body will take over which results in a better functioning person.


  • An awesome Sponge Bob scene, made by you!
  • Size: 41cm X 51cm (16in x 20 in)
  • Fast shipping from our Brisbane warehouse

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