Silicone Brick Ice Tray – Green


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“Brick Freeze: Where Refreshment Meets Building Fun!”

Build a refreshing adventure with the “Brick Freeze” Silicone Ice Cube Tray! Say goodbye to boring ice cubes that couldn’t stack up to the fun. Get ready to bring a playful twist to your beverages with brick-shaped ice cubes that will ignite your imagination!

Unleash your creativity with our “Brick Freeze” Tray. These cool ice cubes will transform any drink into a colorful and entertaining experience. Whether it’s a soda, cocktail, or even a glass of water, these building block-inspired ice cubes will take your sips to a whole new level of fun!

Crafted from high-quality food-grade silicone, this ice cube tray is as sturdy as a well-built construction. No more dealing with flimsy trays that leave your freezer in disarray! The “Brick Freeze” Tray is designed for easy ice cube removal, ensuring that your frosty creations pop out effortlessly. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, because we know you’d rather spend your time building, not cleaning!

Feel like a master builder as you drop these brick-shaped ice cubes into your glass. Watch as they slowly melt, turning your drink into a refreshing work of art. It’s a playful and delightful experience that will bring out the child in you and put a smile on your face!


  • Food grade/dishwasher-safe silicone ice cube mold 
  • Easy ice removal
  • Each tray produces 10 brick-shaped ice cubes
  • Fast shipping from our Brisbane warehouse

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Silicone Brick Ice Tray – Green

Availability: In stock