Nice Cube Nee-Doh


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Nee-Doh-Nice Cube

The squishy, squeezy square sensation! Squish it, Squeeze it!

 The Schylling NeeDoh Nice Cube filled with a non-toxic, dough-like compound that always returns back to its original square shape.

Cube shaped Nee Doh that is cool to the touch. 

It’s the Squish that Resists! Try it and you’ll see! It’s Hip to be Square! 

NeeDoh makes a great gift and is perfect for schools, party favors, an addition to the office, and is exactly what you need to decompress!

A fidget toy that satisfies and soothes; NeeDoh is appropriate for anxious tendencies and helps promote focus, attention, and centering.

Cube shaped fidget toy
Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material


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