DRINKO Shot Game


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Turn any gathering into a memorable occasion with our “DRINKO” Drinking Game Set! Featuring six vibrant shot glasses and a custom-designed DRINKO board, this game is guaranteed to add excitement to your next party or get-together.

Each shot glass in our set is meticulously crafted and labeled to correspond with a specific letter on the DRINKO board. Fill them with your beverage of choice and assign each player a letter

Using the included chips, players take turns dropping them into the top of the DRINKO board. Watch with anticipation as the chip cascades through the maze and lands in a lettered compartment.

It’s time to take a sip! The player with the corresponding lettered shot glass drinks up. Refill it with your preferred beverage, and pass the torch to the next player. Let the laughter flow!

Elevate your gatherings and create lasting memories with our “DRINKO” Drinking Game Set. Whether it’s game night, a birthday bash, or simply a weekend hangout, this entertaining set is sure to be the life of the party. Cheers to good times and great company!

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Drinko-drinking-game-now-trendingDRINKO Shot Game

Availability: In stock