51 Drinking Games


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Get the party started with The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games Collection! Pick a game for the night or add some variety and try them all – the issue won’t be finding something to play but which one to choose. All you need now is the booze! This collection will make a much-played addition to any games cupboard.

  • 51 of the most popular drinking games in the one set!

  • Comes with 1 game rules booklet, 108 ‘I Never’ statements, 108 ‘WTF?’ questions, 1 poker card deck, 2 game chips, 2 ping pong balls and 2 dice

  • With rules included, there’ll always be a game that everyone can play without someone messing up the rules!

  • Great game to keep at home for big nights in

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51 Most Popular Drinking Games51 Drinking Games

Availability: In stock