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Moyu Square-1 Carbon Fibre Cube


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Moyu is a world-leading brand in competitive speed cubing. This is their Square-1 Carbon Fibre magnetic cube, proving to be one of the most difficult challenges.

Moyu cubes are even featured in the Netflix documentary “The Speed Cubers” as they are consistently chosen by top speed cubers because of how smooth and seamless the turns are

Challenge yourself or give an amazing Christmas present!

  • Our most difficult challenge due to the different shapes of the cubes.

  • You get to set the tension level and elasticity to suit your solving preferences with built-in adjustablity.

  • Carbon Fibre Stickers! Provides extra texture and grip during a solve.

  • Strong & Stable – the interior has been designed to prevent stickiness and provide maximum stability during the solve. 

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Moyu Square-1 Carbon Fibre CubeMoyu Square-1 Carbon Fibre Cube

Availability: In stock