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Bamboofon – Bamboo Portable Speaker



Bamboofon Portable Speaker

We took the extraordinary sound quality of bamboo to develop this new, innovative, and ecologically sustainable product. No additional parts like cables, batteries, or Bluetooth are needed to amplify the sound from your mobile phone speakers. Hit the beach without worrying about sand or simply relax in your garden and enjoy the warm and clear sound from this natural speaker.

 Every BambooFon Bamboo Portable Speaker is original and unique – there are no two speakers alike. Get your BambooFon today!

  • No electricity or Bluetooth needed
  • Fits the majority of phones (the slot’s dimension is approximately 9cm in length x 0.9cm wide)
  • Phone can be charged while docked
  • 8 handcrafted designs – every speaker is unique
  • Bamboo used is sustainably sourced
  • Travel bag included
  • Fast shipping from our Brisbane warehouse

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Floral Bamboofon Portable SpeakerBamboofon – Bamboo Portable Speaker